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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Full Moon Vote for your favorite Celebrity Werewolf

On this full moon I will be at the West Hollywood Book Fair on Sunday at Booth E 14 signing my books. In honor of this event I am posting some famous celebrity Werewolves and Wolf Men. Next month I'm interviewing Bisclavert (Dark Ages Werewolf).Come and post who is your favorite celeb werewolf and explain the reason.The one I choose will get two wolf maiden logo tats of the lycan paw print. Here are some photos to help you.


Nona Sebastian said...

Oh - I guess I vote here:

Long blond guy with a green shirt who is growling

Anonymous said...

Looks like I get to kick off the voting, so I am going to have to go with "The Wolf Man" himself Larry Talbot. The character as played by Lon Chaney Jr. was a brooding individual in anguish over his curse. Even in his dismal state, the character was likable and sympathetic and seemed to attract the ladies. This was a pioneering and state-of-the-art film in its time. The film did borrow some historical references to werewolves, but also took some poetic license and made-up some new werewolf "folklore" that is still influencing movies and pop culture today such as the full moon bringing on the transferance and later in the movie series it introduced silver bullets as the most effective way to kill a werewolf. Another contribution "The Wolf Man" brought us was the a poem made-up for the film "Even a man who is pure of heart and says his prayers at night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright". Many still believe that this is an actual gypsy

Looking forward to the remake coming out early next year.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, this is a good one. Can I vote for someone not on the list? It's a toss-up between Eddie Quist from The Howling (so scary!) and Ginger from Ginger Snaps. Think I'll go with girl power today and pick Ginger, b/c why should guys have all the fun?!

Cecile said...

Hey Ms. Eva!
I would have to saw my favorite werewolf is Scott Speedman from Underworld. Okay, besides he is hot... His character was clueless at first. He really had no idea that this world existed or that he belonged to that world. Then when he falls in love with Kate... OMG... And the garage scene... OMG... Come on! Hussy falls in love over here!
Have a great day!

Shellie (Layers of Thought) said...

Very cool images.
I have however come here to "tag' you for a meme. Its Whats on your Desk Wednesday - the directions to the meme are linked on this post on my site. Could be fun and direct some traffic to your blog. :)
blog post

Mss_jenn_me said...

Well technically Sam (from true blood) is not a werewolf, but since is in the list my vote goes to Sam

Cassandra said...

ROFLMAO! Love it! Personally, I think Wolf Blitzer make-over is my fav! LOL.
You just know underneath his so-called polished exterior beats the heart of a savage beast. :-)

Andycea said...

My favorite Celebrity Werewolf is the guy from the Underworld movies, Scott Speedman and maybe the guy who was Lucius (I don't know his real name).

Wendy said...

Definately Sam from True Blood. He's good looking, and he's down to earth - that guy next door. He's one of those wolves you just wanna snuggle up with and watch TV with and drink beer.

Eva Gordon said...

Nicole and Cassandra tied. Nicole is right, she-werewolves should join in the fun. Cassandra, I loved your comment about Wolf Blitzer.

I will need your contact info to sent the tats.