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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Donating $1 to Wolf Sanctuary for every book sold on Full MoonSeptember 4

Wolf Maiden Chronicles
by Eva Gordon
Werewolf Sanctuary, Book 1
Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf, Book 2
And Coming Soon,
White Wolf of Avalon: Werewolf Knight, Book 3
Wolf Support Opportunity!
All Day September 4th, 2009

To Eva Gordon’s Wolf Maiden Chronicle Series, Eva Gordon and Vanilla Heart Publishing are pleased to announce we will donate $1 per copy sold during the entire day on September 4, 2009 to Howling Acres Wolf Sanctuary, where Charlie and Sherrie LaBat have maintained a wolf sanctuary since 1991, committed to wolves in need of a permanent, safe haven.
Every dollar donated goes to Howling Acres Wolf Sanctuary to support wolves and their care by these terrific and dedicated people, including food, veterinary care, safety equipment, and protection…YOU can make a difference!

Due to technical difficulties Eva Gordon's interview on Books with Heart Radio and chat about the Wolf Maiden Chronicles will be rebroadcast on a later date but donations are valid for purchases of Werewolf Sanctuary and Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf until midnight of the Full Moon.

Beast Warrior:Viking Werewolf Short Video


Tambra said...

This is wonderful! My publisher has done the same thing for Full Moon Farm, Inc.
Please everyone, buy Eva's great book and help the wolves, too!

Tambra Kendall

Cherry said...

Hiya Eva! Sorry am a bit late, just got home from work. Can't buy your book online. I get "Shipping restriction" messages. Anyway, will go to my local bookstore tomorrow and ask if I could buy from them.

Eva Gordon said...
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Eva Gordon said...

Hi Cherry,
There should be no restrictions on amazon. Are you out of the US?
Here are the ISBNs for the book stores.
ISBN: 978-1-935407-30-0 for Werewolf Sanctuary
ISBN 978-1-935407-31-7 for Beast Warrior, Viking Werewolf