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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Werewolf Sanctuary Blurb

Werewolf Sanctuary, an action packed romance between an alpha male lycan, and his wolf maiden. The first in a series titled, The Wolf Maiden Chronicles, each depicts historical romances between alpha Males and their human wolf maidens.

Since ancient times, the Lupercal Council has kept their people’s werewolf identity a well-guarded secret. Referring to their kind as lycans, they shift into a bear-sized wolf, bearing unique markings reminiscent of Maori or Celtic tattoos. The pack shifts during the full moon and are under the control of their alpha male leader. The alpha
male and alpha female are not bound by the full moon and can shift at will. Lycans can only breed with their kind. The exception are the alpha males, which can only mate with human women known as wolf maidens, who bear the five-toed paw print or mark of the wolf on their left hip.

The story begins with Lupercal society in peril due to an unknown disease infecting their young offspring. The children who do survive the pestilence, shift too early into wolf cubs, lose their distinct markings, and end up becoming normal wolves, unaware of their human consciousness. Normally immune to most known diseases, the Lupercal has few of their own doctors and must seek the help of a human outsider to find the cure.

Wyatt Weylin, alpha male of the Montana pack, and leader of a team of mercenary lycans, flies to a World Wolf Conference in San Francisco, where he hopes to convince leading authority on wolf diseases, veterinarian Dr. Madeline Styles to come to his wolf sanctuary and find a cure. The minute he sees her he feels drawn to her striking good looks. The sensory chemistry is instant. He tries to suppress the feeling, knowing that he is forbidden to fall for a human. Wyatt discovers that the vegetarian animal doctor has the mark of the wolf and he claims her as his life mate. Madeline slowly learns about Wyatt’s true nature and the fact that she has been claimed, and like all lycans, wolf maidens are microchipped to prevent escape. She is told that she
has three moons to decide if Wyatt is the right alpha for her, and if not, she must choose another. However, she can never leave their society. Angered and confused she first balks at the idea until she witnesses the entire pact shift, and learns that her own grandmother was a wolf maiden who lost the alpha mate and love of her life. Feeling the strong connection with Wyatt, she decides to pursue the cure to the
lycan cub disease. To complicate matters Bisclavaret, Wyatt’s enemy and bad alpha lycan from the Bayou, is determined to make Madeline his wolf maiden, one way or another.

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